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May 25, 2021

5 Reasons People Outsource Warehousing and Logistics

Outsourcing warehousing and logistics to a third-party provider is the secret to success for many of the world’s leading businesses. In 2019, 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies used a third-party logistics provider, according to Armstrong & Associates.

Across a wide range of industries, companies count on expert third-party providers to handle the ins and outs of their logistics and warehousing. Whether your industry is ecommerce, home improvement, food, technology, retail, pharmaceuticals or more, your company will likely benefit from making the switch to outsourcing. Here are five popular reasons why companies choose to outsource their warehousing and logistics:

1. Save money through cost-effective solutions.

Instead of shelling out significant money to hire an internal management team, you only pay for the services you need when you outsource. You gain access to cost-effective solutions that add value to your supply chain, and you turn over the day-to-day management to industry professionals who can save you money by optimizing your processes to drive results. So, do yourself a favor — set aside the money you were going to spend on that expensive new warehouse and internal logistics team, and instead use it to fuel your company’s long-term growth.

2. Drive efficiency for you and your customers.

Third-party providers know how to manage large projects and spaces in a way that increases efficiency and productivity for your business. When receiving inventory, teams like Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville will know exactly what is arriving and when it’s arriving so they can put it away immediately in an organized fashion. For your asset management, you will receive a custom solution for how to best store and secure your inventory. And, your customers also benefit from improved order accuracy and fast final-mile delivery. When you outsource your warehousing and logistics, everybody wins.

3. Tap into industry expertise.

Few people have enough time to become experts in the details of warehousing and logistics, in addition to growing their company- and industry-specific expertise. But when you outsource your warehousing and logistics to a company like Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville, you instantly gain access to decades of experience in asset management and order fulfillment. Our award-winning team will provide you with custom solutions that meet the unique needs of your business, helping you to save precious time, improve risk management and stay ahead of ever-changing consumer demands.

4. Leverage cutting-edge technology.

Third-party logistics providers have some of the industry’s best resources, and by partnering with a provider, you receive access to that technology, too. At Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville, our technology allows you to stay on top of your assets from anywhere around the world. You can receive minute-by-minute information on your product availability, and our 24-hour monitored security will help us ensure that your assets are always safe. By outsourcing your warehousing and logistics, you can take advantage of this technology and more, giving you transparency and peace of mind.

5. Gain time to focus on your growth.

Effectively managing the day-to-day of your warehousing and logistics is not an easy task. That’s why many business leaders choose to leave the logistics to the professionals so that they can focus on what they do best — driving results for their business. Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville provides an expansive list of services and a team that is dedicated to making your operations as stress-free as possible. While we take care of the nitty-gritty details, you can use your newfound free time to work on your growth goals.

Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville has a customer-praised team of experts that is committed to helping you reduce friction in your business. Leave your warehousing and logistics to us, and watch your business thrive. Call Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville today at 256.772.6664!

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