August 2, 2023

Tips For Moving A Boat

Moving a boat to a new location can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor, especially if you are moving it to a new location or over a long distance. Proper planning and preparation can help ensure a safe and smooth boat move.

Plan Ahead

Before moving your boat, it is essential to plan ahead. Consider the distance of your move and the route you will take. Determine the best time of year to move your boat, and make sure you have all the necessary permits and licenses.

Preparing a checklist can help ensure you remember all important steps leading up to, during and after the boat move. Your list should include obtaining the necessary paperwork, securing loose items on board, removing detachable parts, draining fluids, securing your boat and checking for hazards along the route.

Proper planning will help you avoid last-minute stress and ensure that your move is successful.

Select the Right Transportation & Route

Choosing the proper transportation for your boat is crucial. Depending on the size of your boat and the distance of your move, you may need to use a trailer or hire a professional boat mover. If you are using a trailer, make sure it is correctly sized by measuring the boat’s length, width and height.

These measurements will also come in handy when you plan your route, as you’ll want to plan a path that ensures your boat can fit under bridges or underpasses and safely navigate narrow roads, which can damage your boat during transport.

Should inclement weather occur as you move your boat, consider delaying the relocation as treacherous conditions or inexperience can lead to accidents, damage to the boat or both.

Obtain the Necessary Paperwork

After you have planned your route, it’s important to ensure you comply with local, state and federal regulations specific to boat transportation, including size and weight restrictions, permits and licensing requirements.

Finally, moving your boat can be risky, and accidents can happen. To protect your asset during transport, obtaining proper insurance with adequate coverage for any potential damage or loss is essential.

Notify the Marina

With so much happening in your relocation, don’t forget to let your marina or boatyard know ahead of time that you intend to move your boat to a new location. By notifying your new site in advance, you may learn of particular standards or guidelines for bringing boats into and out of their facilities.

Prepare Your Boat for Transport

When it’s finally time for the move, you must prepare it for transport. Start by consulting the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for specific instructions on securing loose items on board, removing detachable parts and draining all fluids from the engine and plumbing systems. Before getting on the road, check that all compartments, hatches and doors are closed and secure, preventing them from opening during transit.

Boats typically have intricate electrical systems that require careful handling during a move, so make sure all electrical connections are properly disconnected and secured. If the manual directs you to disconnect battery cables or batteries, store them securely, ensuring they do not contact metal surfaces or shift during the move. If you’re unsure about handling the electrical aspects, hire experienced boat transportation professionals to ensure the safety and integrity of your vessel’s electrical system.

Once you’ve secured the items on the boat, it’s time to secure your boat to your lift or trailer. If doing it yourself, refer to the manual for your boat’s best practices. Regardless, make sure you use high-quality items– bracing masts, straps, chains, tie-downs and/or padding– that meet your boat’s weight and size to prevent damage during transit.

Consider Professional Boat Movers

While hiring a professional mover may sound more expensive, it can be more cost-effective and can bring you peace of mind when transporting your boat a long distance or to a new location.

Preparing for the move

Professional boat-moving companies often navigate roads with oversized vehicles, meaning they have in-depth knowledge of the appropriate routes for large vehicles. They are also knowledgeable of and experienced with local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to boat transportation, including permits, height restrictions, weight limits and other relevant regulations.

Instead of looking for a new marina, many professional movers have already established networks and relationships which can streamline the process and reduce complications and costs.

Protect your assets

Often, professionals are familiar with the specific requirements of different boat models and can tailor their equipment to accommodate your boat’s unique needs. From providing the necessary specialized trailers, lifts and handling equipment designed specifically for transporting boats to knowing what and how to properly secure items on the boat and the boat itself, professional movers minimize the risks associated with long-distance moves and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your boat.

During the Move

When the time finally comes, you can trust the experienced navigation and skilled driver’s ability to navigate potentially inclement weather conditions, assess potential risks, take preventive measures and mitigate any challenges that may arise during transit.

By entrusting the job to experts who handle all aspects of your boat’s relocation process, from logistics, planning and execution, you can focus on other aspects of your move and avoid the stress and challenges of coordinating the transportation yourself.

Looking to move your boat safely and efficiently? Armstrong is here to help! Don’t risk damage to your vessel by attempting to move it on your own. Trust our expert team to handle the entire process for you. From planning and preparation to transportation and insurance, we’ve got you covered. Contact our Huntsville Team today by calling 256.795.3135 to schedule your stress-free boat move and enjoy your boat in its new location without any hassle or worry.

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